Davin Pierson Torre Director, Flint School of Performing Arts, 810.238.1350
Jan Hartranft FSPA Administrative Director, 810.238.1350
Brenda Butterfield FSPA Administrative Assistant, 810.238.1350
Barb Clark FSPA Administrative/Business Operations Assistant, 810.238.1350
Gina Romanowski FSPA Administrative Assistant/FIM Volunteer Coordinator, 810.238.1350


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Music Makers/Young Musicians


(Piano, Organ, Accordion, Harpsichord)
Dr. Quincy Oad Dobbs, Chair, Piano, Organ, Harpsichord and Accordion
Julia Hull, Piano
Roger Jones, Piano
G. Donald Kaye, Piano and Organ
Hyunsoo Kim, Piano


Performance Ensembles

Gregory Stimson


(Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Harp, Guitar)
Samvel Arakelyan, Violin, Viola
Oleg Bezuglov, Violin and Viola
Kyle Canjar, Guitar
Brandon Cota, Cello
R.J. Harmon, Guitar
Julie Huggler, Violin, Viola
Yuliya Kim, Cello
Terrence Newman, Double Bass, Electric Bass
Kelly Splear, Violin and Viola, Intermezzo
Amanda Thoms, Beginning Strings
Ching-Wen Tseng, Violin and Viola
Alycia Wilder, Violin and Viola, Beginning Strings
Katie Williams, Violin and Viola


Kim Heath Streby (Show Choir Instructor)

Winds and Brass

Liz Spector Callahan, Chair, Oboe
Michele LaNoue, Clarinet
Jeffrey M. Price, Saxophone
Nancy Ruebke, French Horn
Stefan Stolarchuk, Low Brass
Dean Zimmerman, Bassoon

Music Composition 



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