Dance Policies

Information concerning missed classes, school closing, class withdrawal, classes changes, emergency information and media releases. 

Missed Lessons and Classes
Students are charged for all lessons and classes for which they register, including those missed through student absence.
Dance classes
Dance classes missed under extenuating circumstances may be made up within the current term.

Student Withdrawal
All tuition will be refunded if notification is given before the first lesson or class. Refunds for cancellation after the opening of each term or semester will be made as follows:

1. Refund if notice is received before the second lesson or class: 75% of the tuition charged. 
2. Refund if notice is received before the third lesson or class: 50% of the tuition charged. 
3. Refund if notice is received before the fourth lesson or class: 25% of the tuition charged.

There will be no refund after the fourth lesson or class. There are no refunds for summer camps. 

Class Cancellations 
In the event a class day is canceled due to teacher illness or emergency, a sign will be posted on the door. If time permits, students will be called.

The FSPA will credit, refund or reschedule only if a class is cancelled due to instructor absence.

School Closings 
School closings may occur in the event of a snow emergency or other natural occurrence and will be announced on television, radio and on-line at The School will not automatically close when the Flint Community Schools close.

Students must provide their own instruments, music, supplies and dance attire. Costumes for Flint Youth Ballet and Nutcracker performances are provided by the FSPA.

Attire for Creative Dance, Ballet and Modern Dance Classes

• Hair must be neatly fastened off neck and away from the face.
• No baggy clothing permitted. Wrap sweaters in class color are allowed.
• Leg warmers in color of tights. Skirts may be worn for variation class and some rehearsals.

Creative Dance and Pre-Ballet - White leotard, white footless tights.

Elementary Ballet I, II and III - Light blue leotard, white tights, white ballet shoes.

Elementary Ballet IV, Intermediate Ballet I - Black leotard, pink/flesh-colored tights, pink/skin-tone ballet and pointe shoes. Barefoot for Modern Dance.

Intermediate Ballet II and III - Burgundy leotard, pink/flesh-colored tights, pink/skin-tone ballet and pointe shoes. Barefoot for Modern Dance.

Advanced Ballet I and II - Royal blue leotard, pink/flesh-colored tights, pink/skin-tone ballet and pointe shoes. Barefoot for Modern Dance.

Creative Dance and Pre-Ballet: White t-shirt, black sweat pants, bare feet. 
Elementary Ballet & Up: White t-shirt, black tights and dance belt, or black jazz pants, dance belt, black ballet shoes. 
Adult Women
Leotard, tights, ballet shoes. Skirts may be worn in Adult Ballet class.

Private Lessons - Instructor Changes 
FSPA teaching artists have reached a high level of excellence as professional performers and educators. They maintain their own schedules and have their own unique teaching styles. Likewise, students have their own expectations and learn in their own unique ways. We make every effort to match student and instructor, but sometimes learning methods may not coincide. If this occurs, office staff and department chairs will help in facilitating changes.

Media Releases 
Registration of students at the FSPA also allows the FSPA and Flint Institute of Music to use photos of that student in any promotional, printed or broadcast material. Those wishing not to have their photos used by the FSPA must notify the FSPA Office in writing prior to the start of class.

Parental Responsilbility
Parents are responsible for students before and after class. It is required that parents arrive on time for pick up.

Emergency Cards 
Emergency cards are kept in the Public Safety Office. Although it is not required, we encourage you to fill one out for each student. You can pick up an emergency card in the Public Safety or FSPA Office.

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