A few days before my brother’s wedding, he asked if I could play before the ceremony.
I reminded him that I am far from a professional. I thought about it, though and found that I had an easy flute book with pop songs. Picked several, texted him and got busy practicing.  So, I played while guests assembled and reverend marshaled everyone for the ceremony.  It was great!  Without the experience of working with you I know I wouldn't have done it. -Adult Music Lesson Student


Having spent 10 years studying dance at Flint School of Performing Arts, I can say with the utmost confidence that my time there has made a significant impact on my current career as an actress in Los Angeles. The experienced and professional staff strives to implement discipline and dedication starting from the beginning stages into the advanced. I will always be proud to say my humble beginnings lived and flourished at The Flint School of Performing Arts. -FSPA Alumni
Our experiences with the FSPA have been very positive.  The students’ piano teacher, particularly goes above and beyond to make sure the students are challenged and understand the concepts presented.  She is a very dedicated teacher.  The orchestra and ensembles have given a different perspective of performance with a group and has helped our students grow and develop friendships as well. -FSPA Parent
I really enjoy getting back into dance!  My teacher is very friendly and enthusiastic.  She makes me feel very comfortable and confident to push myself and try new things. -FSPA Student
I really appreciate ALL of the staff at the Flint School of Performing Arts.  My daughter has been a student since 9 months of age and we love this school and will continue to participate here. -FSPA Parent
I really love coming to the FSPA.  It has a wonderful atmosphere and so many excellent opportunities to experience and appreciate the arts.   Keep up the great events. -FSPA Student
I have a great instructor.  He encourages introspection and self-assessment in his students; because of this, the student is invested in the learning process.  He models appropriate technique and insists on kinesiology that will support good playing habits.  -Adult Cello Student

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