COVID-19 Update

The Flint School of Performing Arts is planning for in-person lessons, classes, ensembles and performances for the 2021-2022 school year. State-of-the-art Dynamic air cleaners have been installed throughout all of the Flint Institute of Music buildings. Mask wearing and social distancing is encouraged for all faculty, staff, students and their families especially those that are unable to receive the vaccination.  Masks and sanitizer are available in multiple locations. Class enrollment limits are in place and classes are scheduled in the largest spaces wherever possible.

These protocols will change as needed, depending on the progress of the pandemic. The Flint School of Performing Arts is committed to providing music, dance and theatre programs for all ages and skill levels in the safest environment possible.

Summer Catalog 2021

View our new summer catalog here!

Theatre Camps!

There is still time to register for Summer Theatre Camps!

Summer Shorts 5

Summer Shorts is back for another summer of fun-filled theatre! Bring a blanket and enjoy a Saturday morning performance and creative workshop on the lawn of the Bower Theatre.

FSPA Fund for Student Needs

Providing additional support beyond tuition assistance to ensure students' continued success in their studies and performances.

as part of the newly created Music, Dance and Theatre Instruction Division of the Flint Institute of Music. The largest school of the arts in Michigan is now one of the most comprehensive performing arts instructional programs in the country. The storied history of the Flint Youth Theatre will continue alongside the Flint Youth Ballet and Flint Youth Symphony Orchestra as the pinnacle instructional program for theatre. We'll have everyone - students of all ages, faculty and teaching artists - together where they can maximize their collective performing arts experience - Music, Dance and Theatre for Everyone!

Thank you Genesee County!

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