Adult Ballet

Ages Middle School-Adult

Adult ballet is perfect for both new students (Adult Ballet I) and those returning to dance (Adult Ballet II). This is a great way to stretch and learn basic ballet moves or reacquaint yourself and hone your skills. The dress code for women is a leotard, tights, ballet shoes, skirt (optional). The dress code for men is a white t-shirt, black tights and dance belt, or black jazz pants, dance belt, and black ballet shoes.

Adult Ballet ITBDM7:45 - 9:00B
Adult Ballet IITBDTH6:15 - 8:00pmB

Dance Class Schedule

(8-week semesters)

TERM 1: September 3 - October 26

TERM 2: October 28 - February 1
Winter Recess: November 25 - January 1
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:
January 20, CLOSED

TERM 3: February 3 - March 28
Spring Recess: March 30 - April 4

TERM 4: April 6 - May 30
Memorial Day: May 25, CLOSED