Music Ensembles

To become part of any of the FSPA's ensembles, you just need to take part in a placement audition.
Auditions are held each spring, with additional auditions in the fall to fill any remaining openings. For details call the FSPA Office at 810.238.1350 ext. 3.

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Requirements for Flint Festival Youth Chorus

Students ages 8 - 18

  1. Sing a song, unaccompanied of your choice. (Suggestions: Amazing Grace, America the Beautiful, The Water is Wide, Swing Low Sweet Chariot)
  2. Sing a five note ascending major scale and a five note descending major scale.
  3. Echo a melody that is played on the piano.
  4. Sing a simple round with the adjudicator.
  5. Sing an ascending major triad.
  6. Students will also be asked general questions about their singing experience.




Youth Orchestras, Wind Ensemble and Chorus

For the 2020-2021 school year: Saturday, May 9, 2020

Audition Requirements
Suggested Audition Solos

Chamber Groups

Audition Requirements for FSPA Ensembles

  1. A requirement sheet is included in this packet. If you have any questions regarding this, please call the FSPA office at 810.238.1350, ext. 3.
  2. A goal of each FSPA ensemble is to support and enhance your current public or private school band, orchestra or chorus. We hope you will share the experiences, knowledge and enthusiasm you gain from being here. For this reason, we require each student to be an active member of their school band, orchestra or chorus, if one exists. We also encourage you to attend all rehearsals and performances they require, even at the expense of missing one of ours.
  3. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled audition time and know that you might be here longer than you anticipate.
  4. Instrumental students, make sure to bring your instrument and 2 copies of your music (your copy and a copy for the adjudicator).
  5. FSPA vocal and instrumental students audition at the same time. All students wait in the same line to register. All students will wait in the same warm up room. Vocal students feel free to warm up YOUR instrument (your voice), with some light humming and singing through your audition song, along with the instrumentalists.
  6. The student assistants are here to make sure the auditions run smoothly. They are members of the Youth Symphony and Wind Ensemble. If you are a string player and need help tuning your instrument, don't hesitate to ask. A student assistant will let you know when it's your turn to audition.
  7. Because this is a closed audition, you and the adjudicator are the only ones allowed in the room. No accompanist is allowed.
  8. The adjudicators are instructed not to speak to auditionees, so don't be surprised if your adjudicator only says "hello" and "thank you".
  9. It takes at least one week to process and email placement letters. Feel free to call us about other questions and concerns, but we cannot give placements over the phone. We know this can be frustrating, but we want to be fair to all auditionees.
  10. ENJOY your audition!



How to Overcome Performance Anxiety Checklist!

Concerto Competition

Would you like to be a soloist in concert with the Flint Youth Symphony Orchestra of Flint Youth Wind Ensemble? Advanced music lesson students (grades 9-12) may enter the biannual Concerto Competition; a winner will be selected at the next competition in October, 2020.

Concerto Competition

Concerto Competition 2018 application
Repertoire List