Friday, December 9 , 2022  7pm
Saturday, December 10, 2022  10am

by Kemuel DeMoville
Produced with special arraignments with YouthPlays

When the magical clock that keeps all the fairytales on track suddenly breaks down, it's up to Janice, the clock's guardian, and Morton, her loyal friend, to get it back on track before disaster strikes and the stories go off the rails for good. With magical misfires and mistaken identities galore, princes on the prowl, classic characters like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White ready to do their own thing, will the stories get to their expected endings...or will they perhaps find new ones in this fast-paced farce in a forest?

Janice – Evie Popovits               
Morton – Kory Sanchez
Snow White – Emily Balgenorth
Cinderella – Clara Usealman
Sleeping Beauty – Heidi Hempel
Prince Charming – Victor Hinososa
Prince Valiant – Theodore Entrekin
Prince Wanderlust – Lindsay Lipe
Dragon/Parents – Emma Riley and Brecken Kale