Davin Pierson Torre Director, Flint School of Performing Arts, 810.238.1350
Paula Forbush FSPA Administrative Director, 810.238.1350
Brenda Butterfield FSPA Administrative Assistant, 810.238.1350
Barb Clark FSPA Administrative/Business Operations Assistant, 810.238.1350
Tomika Greenard FSPA Administrative Assistant, 810.238.1350
Stephaine Abrams Super Start Coordinator
Donna Fair Super Start Counselor


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Music Makers/Young Musicians
Liz Spector Callahan, Music Makers


(Piano, Organ, Accordion, Harpsichord)
Dr. Quincy Oad Dobbs, Chair, Piano, Organ, Harpsichord and Accordion
Dr. Katena Dinas, Piano
Andrea Zlatec Floden, Piano
Julia Hull, Piano
Roger Jones, Piano
G. Donald Kaye, Piano and Organ
Chelsea Storms, Piano, Little Mozarts, Piano Classes


Delaina Oberman, Chair
Rob Kratz, Percussion

Performance Ensembles

Liz Spector Callahan, Hentgen Honors Woodwind Quintet
William Deal, New Horizons
Brittany DeYoung, Harp Ensemble
Christopher Hall, Flint Youth Wind Ensemble
Alesia Byrd Johnson, Dort Honors String Quartet
Delaina Oberman, Exclamation!, Sonic Boom!
Gregory Stimson, New Horizons
Cole Thomas, Flint Youth String Orchestra
Davin Pierson Torre, Flint Youth Symphony Orchestra
Ching-Wen Tseng, FSPA Honors String Quartet, Hentgen Honors String Quartet
Joseph Richards, Flint Youth Philharmonia
Jennifer Orkisz, Flint Festival Youth Chorus


(Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Harp, Guitar)
Alesia Byrd Johnson, Chair, Violin, Viola, Beginning String
Samvel Arakelyan, Violin, Viola
Kyle Canjar, Guitar
Brandon Cota, Cello
Brittany DeYoung, Harp
Julia Ford Edwards, Cello
Dr. Dilek Engin-Stolarchuk, violin and viola
Julie Huggler, Violin, Viola
Yuliya Kim, Cello
Erik McIntyre, Guitar
Terrence Newman, Double Bass, Electric Bass
Dr. Tigran Shiganyan, Violin
Kelly Splear, Violin and Viola, Beginning Strings, Orchestra Prep.
Amanda Thoms, Beginning Strings
Ching-Wen Tseng, Violin and Viola
Alycia Wilder, Violin and Viola, Beginning Strings
Chase Ward, Violin, Viola


David Lindsey, Chair, Voice
Nada Radakovich, Voice
Kevin Starnes, Voice
Felicia Hall, Voice Class, Voice
Jennifer Orkisz, Voice

Winds and Brass

Liz Spector Callahan, Chair, Oboe
Dr. Jessica Cech, Flute
Eduardo Farias, Trumpet
Dr. Bryan Guarnuccio, Flute
Michele LaNoue, Clarinet
Jeffrey M. Price, Saxophone
Nancy Ruebke, French Horn
Stefan Stolarchuk, Low Brass
Kyndra Sisayaket, French Horn
Dean Zimmerman, Bassoon

Music Composition

Matthew Schoendorff

Music Therapy

Breanne Book
Christine Barron


Karen Mills Jennings, Chair, Flint Youth Ballet, Ballet
Bohuslava Jelínková, Ballet
Vladmir Kalmsky Accompanist
Peggy Mead-Finizio, Dance Makers, Creative Dance, Children's Modern
Elizabeth Philippi, Ballet
Michael Woodberry-Means, Modern, Men's Class