Summer Dance Makers

Summer Dance Makers

(Ages 2 - Age 4, with a parent or caregiver)

Designed for young children and adults to move together, this class builds and encourages a child's creativity. The class incorporates the use of music, props and partnered movement in a safe and friendly environment. Body and spatial awareness, coordination and exposure to many styles of music are all elements of each class. Participants are barefoot for sessions.

Class will be taught via Zoom. Space needed at home should be open and free of obstacles and distractions. Class activities may require participants to sit, roll, crawl, jump, stretch, spin and travel throughout the space. Camp kit includes props and handouts to expand the class experience at home.

2 - 4 YearsJune 20 - Aug 1, 2020Sat (6 classes)11 – 11:45 a.m.Mead-Finizio$69
2 - 4 YearsJuly 14 - 30, 2020Tu, Th (6 classes)4:00 - 4:45pmMead-Finizio$69


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