Dancin' Fun

Dancin' Fun

Ages 4 - 6

If your young child can't stop moving and dancing around the house, this exciting dance extravaganza is an ideal way to focus their energy. This camp introduces the FSPA curriculum of creative dance, ballet and modern dance, using fun activities specially designed for emerging dancers.

Dancin’ Fun will be made up of two unique, one-week sessions. Dancers age four and five can register for Session One or Two, or both. Dancers age six are asked to register for both sessions. Space needed at home should be open and free of obstacles and distractions. Class activities may require participants to sit, roll, crawl, jump, stretch, spin and travel throughout the space. 
Zoom breakout rooms will be used to create smaller groups when needed. 

Camp kit includes supplies for participation, as well as a water bottle for water breaks and a t-shirt.
An orientation session will be held on July 15 at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom. On July 24 and 31, there will be a time of sharing for each age group and responding to each other’s dancing. 

AgeDatesDaysTimeInstructorTuition (per child)
4 - 5 yrs.July 20* - 24, 2020M-F9:30am - 11:30amDance Faculty$73
4 - 5 yrs.July 27* - 31, 2020M-F9:30am - 11:30amDance Faculty$73
6 yrs.July 20* - 31, 2020M-F9:30am - 11:30amDance Faculty$146








*The first day of Dancin’ Fun will begin at 9:15 a.m. for introductions and getting to know families.



Registering at the FSPA allows the FSPA, Flint Institute of Music, affiliated organizations, and collaborators the right to use you/your child's name, picture, photograph, voice, comments, etc. on any film, sound track, recording, video tape or other means of recording sound or pictures in any promotional, print, broadcast or online material. You/your child waive the right to any compensation for such use. The FSPA Office must be notified in writing prior to attending if you/your child do not wish to consent to this policy