The impact an arts education has on a child can be life-changing - and research shows that it can happen most effectively through multi-year study. Our tuition-free programs start this process for children from families with limited resources or other challenges, by introducing them to music and dance through community partnership. The Super Start Program assures that the participating children can then transition to long-term, onsite music and dance study at the FSPA. Through a one-semester scholarship for the children and their families, Super Start provides free classes, field trips to FSPA performances at The Whiting, group activities, snacks, dancewear, use of stringed instruments, and counseling to support a successful transition for each child. For more information about Super Start, contact Tuition-Free Programs Coordinator Karen Jennings at or ext. 137.

Partners include Boys & Girls Club of Greater Flint Head Start and Great Start Readiness Program.