The Actor Prepares

Grades 7-8

These courses are designed to stimulate and challenge you in different areas of theatre, from individually creating characters to collaborating with others and exploring new plays. In The Actor’s C.O.R.E. we will delve into how actors create and maintain characters, objectives, relationships, and environments for a performance. In Scene Work, you will work with fellow actors to investigate the themes and topics of the script and how they impact the actor. In Improvisation, you will discover how spontaneity, imagination and transformation are integral parts of a well rounded actor.

Level 1 – is designed for students who are new to our classes and lays the groundwork of
acting for the theatre.

Level 2 – is designed to expand upon previous theatre experience and provide new challenges.
Subtitles: Fall: The Actor’s C.O.R.E. • Winter: Scene Work • Spring: Improvisation | Tuition Assistance Available